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Are You Ready to Get Off the
Practicing Hamster
We Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One and Help You Master How You Practice Your Instrument!
What if there was something available that would change your perspective of rhythm and practicing forever?

Do you want to read with accuracy and ease?

Are you ready to develop awesome time and groove with correct articulation? 

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a proven system to significantly elevate your technique?
Hi, my name is Curt Sipe, and those are questions I used to ask myself as well. 

Just imagine if you had that ability…. with rhythmic reading and performance. What would you do? How would that Impact your musical life?

Unfortunately, rhythm reading and performance is never as easy as just turning on the metronome.. 

This is not simply one more book that gets tucked away on the shelf. This is a whole new way to practice.. 

While you might try to using traditional method books to speed up the process, you can quickly get bogged down with unneeded and irrelevant materials that doesn't help develop time or jazz articulation. 

Talk about "Rhythm reading and and performance. overload" . . . 

If you've ever felt that frustration with Rhythm reading and performance. , then I can relate to you perfectly. 

Just like you, I struggled with Rhythm reading and and performance. - until I found the secret.

Core rhythms have exponentially increased the number of purposeful repetitions during my practice and those of my students sessions. 

I was able to plug this into my practice routine and change my perspective of rhythm and practice forever..

I started telling my students, fellow musicians, and other teachers about those results; what happened next shocked me. 

People were asking me to show them how we were getting such great results in our studio.

Others were really skeptical that it was even possible . . . One said Inspire just always gets the “talented” students. Well, If talent is a student working hard on a proven system that produces results… then I must agree. 

So I gave them a challenge . . . the SAME challenge that I'm going to give to you right now. 

Pay us $60, and I guarantee that your perspective of rhythm and how to practice will dramatically shift. You will learn MORE about practicing and rhythm in 

the next 14 weeks than you ever have. You will be on your way; to developing your technique to the level you choose with the ability to read any eighth note 

rhythms with accuracy. With just 10-20 minutes of your present practice routine devoted to CRS. and from that point forward, for the rest of your musical life, 

you'll have a perspective of building skills and rhythm that will serve you forever. 

Here's what I want to do for you: I'm so sure CRS will change your musical life that I'm going to let you have the first week of lessons for FREE. 

Then, at the end, you get to be the judge. Either we live up to my word or we don't. 

If we do deliver what we promise and you love the information, do nothing and continue with the 14 week course and we'll charge your credit card $60. That’s 

less than a one hour private Skype lesson.

If we don't deliver, or you don't think the information was worth the price, just send me an email before day 7 ends and we won't charge you anything.

Does that sound fair?

It's kind of like going to a restaurant and only paying if you love the food. 

Or going to a movie, and if you hate it . . . then you can leave and pay NOTHING . . .

Let’s get started.

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